The workshop was so well attended and the attendees had the BEST questions and scenarios to present to us. The image at the top is chosen because her smile was so amazing! I will add comments from the feedback form when I get them. Index card feedback is below and it’s always the best!

suicide prevention speakers

AnneMoss Rogers, Kimberly O’Brien PhD, LICSW, Melissa Ackley LCSW, Jill Weiseman, ED FACES

suicide prevention co-trainer

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One Thing I Learned Index Cards from Attendees

drug and alcohol use increases suicide risk

suicide prevention speaker feedback

suicide doesn't discriminate

More Index Cards from The Event “One Thing I Learned.”

symptoms of depression

How to Recognize Symptoms of Depression

  • For those who are curious about their own symptoms 
  • For those who love someone they suspect may be living with depression
  • Signs you’ve read about and signs that are less talked about w/ examples
  • What loved ones can say/do to be supportive
  • Includes resources

Click here for the eBook: How to Recognize Symptoms of Depression