How does a parent work through all that in the awkward days or weeks after their child has confessed he is suicidal, has attempted suicide, or is coming home after an in-patient hospital stay for suicide risk or attempt? There aren’t a lot of guidelines or support for parents.

Filmmakers Josh and Lisa Sabey (son and mom) are a duo determined to fill that gap. They have teamed up with the national nonprofit Zero Suicide and Education Director of Zero Suicide, Julie Goldstein Grumet to create a video that has parents and clinicians offering education and guidelines on keeping a child safe from suicide after an attempt or confession. Because the 30 days following a release from the hospital are riskier and we need to lower that risk. I’m one of the parents they are interviewing and my focus was all those feelings and fears parents have and what to do about them.

Parents feel very anxious, awkward, terrified, desperate, unqualified, and unsure of what to do or say. What’s more, the child hasn’t likely processed it all either and they also feel overwhelmed, powerless, anxious, sad, scared, and more. This video will help with all those emotions and how to help a child build resilience and lower the risk of suicide.

I’m honored to be part of this documentary.

anne moss rogers, mental health speaker, with filmmakers josh sabey, lisa sabey
Anne Moss Rogers, mental health speaker, with filmmakers Josh Sabey, Lisa Sabey
suicide prevention speaker

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