“I wish everyone would relax a little. Life ain’t a board meeting.”
– From the rap song,” Desire,” by Charles Aubrey Rogers

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Because of the pandemic, more workplaces and corporations have recognized that the foundation of retention, productivity, performance, and profitability is emotionally healthy personnel and a company culture that promotes it. Mental health speakers for the workplace can help companies create that foundation of wellness.

Emotionally healthy employees perform better

When you invest in your most valuable asset–human beings and offer them the tools to manage difficult feelings and situations in a healthy and productive way, you are building a culture of workplace wellness and retention. So what are the benefits of hiring a mental health speaker for the workplace?

Hiring mental health speakers for the workplace helps employees:

  • take agency of their mental health
  • navigate change
  • find connection and belonging
  • develop a work/life balance
  • manage stress and overwhelm
  • find healthy self-care strategies and utilize EAP resources
  • manage personal and professional relationships
  • know how to support and find resources for a child or other struggling family members

Workplace Wellness Programs

Anne Moss Rogers is a mom who lost a child, Charles, to suicide and sold a digital marketing business to become one of the top mental health speakers in the workplace and for ERGs. She delivers and customizes the following programs:

  1. Emotionally Naked® Workplace Wellness
  2. The Emotionally® Naked Truth About Suicide

Emotionally Naked® Workplace Wellness

mental health speaker for workplace program
Mental health speaker for workplace wellness
mental health workplace wellness program pdf

Get the example pdf for Emotionally Naked Workplace Wellness. The topic can be customized to meet your company goals.

Audiences: Workplaces including ERGs, managerial and leadership association summits/conferences. Can be geared toward managers or employees.

Description: We know emotionally healthy employees perform better, are absent less, and are more likely to stay. That is why more A-list companies are focusing on the mission, “In order to achieve, you have to put wellness first.”

This upstream commitment to workplace wellness creates a prevention culture that focuses on connection and belonging, building resilience, and maximizing self-care so employees have the tools and resources to manage adversity and anxiety before reaching burnout. Crisis response always costs more and uses up more resources and time. Any effort to avoid that is a plus for any company HR team or safety leader.

Attendees will learn practical self-care strategies to manage stress and avoid burnout, coping skills for adversity, and how to find a healthy path to hope and healing.

This presentation is led by a mom, Anne Moss Rogers, who tragically lost a child to suicide. After trying to find help for her once joyful son and rap artist, including wilderness therapy and therapeutic boarding school, Charles met heroin while struggling with anxiety and depression and took his life in 2015.  

Themes include anxiety and burnout, depression, grief, addiction/substance misuse, self-care strategies (DBT skills), hope, healing, post-traumatic growth, the importance of work/life balance (PTO), connection and belonging (DEI), utilizing EAP resources, suicide (as part of Anne Moss’s story).


  • Coping strategies that lessen suffering
  • How to connect with others in a meaningful way
  • Why taking time off is an important reset
  • Life events that make people more vulnerable to despair and how to cope
  • How to manage stress and avoid burnout
  • Finding what self-care means for you

Testimonial: “The way that Anne Moss started her presentation talking about the real-life story really captivated and moved everyone that was in attendance. She showed a tremendous passion for the work that she is doing and you could hear it in every word that she spoke.”
Christopher Kurz, Commercial Relationship Manager – Fulton Bank

The Emotionally Naked® Truth About Suicide

suicide prevention in the workplace speaker program
Mental health and suicide prevention speaker for the workplace
workplace wellness suicide prevention program pdf

Get the example pdf for The Emotionally Naked Truth About Suicide. The topic can be customized to meet your company goals.

Audience: This version is specifically tailored for workplaces on how to help oneself, a loved one, or a co-worker. It can be for employees, ERGs, employers, and managerial groups as well as associations.

Description: TEDx and emotionally naked storyteller, Anne Moss Rogers, has built a following on the subject of suicide, and the mental illnesses, addiction, and underlying risk factors that often trigger it. After trying to find help for her once joyful son and rap artist, including wilderness therapy and therapeutic boarding school, Charles met heroin while struggling with depression and he died by suicide in 2015.  

This presentation dispels common myths about suicide and substance misuse, while delivering a message of hope, and empowering regular humans with the skills to help prevent this threat to life.


  • How to recognize the cryptic ways people cry for help
  • How to respond, what to say/do (includes talking points)
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion when it comes to mental health and suicide prevention
  • Creating a suicide-safe environment (aka. means safety)
  • Life events that can increase suicide risk

Themes include mental illness, addiction/substance misuse, grief, diversity and inclusion, safety planning, hope, and healing. Anne Moss is a certified suicide prevention trainer and follows safe messaging reporting guidelines on suicide.

Testimonial: “I’m proud of the Company for prioritizing mental health initiatives and enabling employees to attend.  It helps our workplace as well as our communities to provide education and tools to DE employees.”
—Dominion Energy Employee

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