You might have clicked to get a list of names of mental health keynote speakers. What I am offering is sound advice for a subject that should be handled with care. I have focused on two important questions in this article.

What mental health keynote speakers will motivate my audience?

For that, you need to know if the mental health speaker you hire can deliver the message. If they don’t ask questions about the problems your attendees face, it’s unlikely they’ll make the customizations that would offer solutions and relevant resources.

A canned presentation is not authentic. Slick comes across as self-absorbed. Slides crammed with data can be a snoozer. Someone who has lived experience and is willing to share stories that educate and takeaways that are strategies someone can start using right away. A speaker with some training and expertise in addition to lived experience is more relatable for audiences. Because people remember stories more than just statistics.

Which mental health speakers could potentially trigger my audience?

You do want to avoid speakers who sensationalize the emotional aspects of their story or share graphic detail for the sake of shock value.

It’s not safe to sensationalize this subject and a good speaker can still captivate without doing so. Lesser speakers rely on it as some websites rely on clickbait.

And while you obviously don’t want a homogenized story stripped of emotion, you don’t want to put your attendees at risk.

The goal is not to stun someone into action but to allow them to process what’s being heard, find hope and connection, and take positive action after the event. That’s a motivating and inspirational mental health keynote speaker.

“When a presenter has the personal experience, as this presenter, it adds an element of authenticity and compassion to what they are conveying.”

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