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Speaker, Author, Consultant, Trainer & Suicide Loss Survivor 

A sought-after motivational mental health speaker, Anne Moss has lived the ultimate tragedy and become an expert on emotional wellness, suicide prevention, and youth mental health.

Her youngest son, Charles, was the funniest, most popular kid in school. As a teen, he wore the mask of a clown to hide his depression and anxiety and used drugs and alcohol to numb his thoughts of suicide. Ultimately, he became addicted to heroin and took his own life in 2015 at age 20.

Anne Moss’s presentations always start with her powerful story of loss but end with a message of hope and the coping skills she used to heal emotionally. Authentic and real, audiences offer her their full rapt attention– often not moving.

The most devastating loss of her life was a turning point. While it took time to accept that purpose with grace, she has never looked back or regretted that decision.

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Anne Moss is an ENFJ-A on the Meyers Briggs

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Charles’s story, your story, must be told. What an incredible grief journey you have traveled, coming from where you were in 2015 to the impact you are making today in so many lives. The stigma of suicide needs to be told and you are the person to do that.  Your story resonates with bereaved parents and offers them a way forward…

Bob Burash, Chapter Leader, Bereaved Parents USA 

RANDOM facts about Anne Moss

  • She was Executive Director for a youth mental health org
  • Anne Moss owned and sold her digital marketing company after her son’s tragic death
  • Anne Moss is a brain tumor survivor
  • Anne Moss is obsessive which she insists is part of her charm
  • She has never had a manicure
  • Anne Moss used to have serious arachnophobia and worked through the fear with self help strategies
  • Anne Moss suffered a broken neck as a result of a diving accident at age 15 
  • The most unusual place she ever presented in was a barn (a real barn with real sh*t in it)
  • She survived at attack at knifepoint which was an attempt at rape and murder
  • Anne Moss is an avid UNC Tarheel basketball fan
  • From kindergarten to 8th grade, Anne Moss coached rec league basketball

…I saw you speak this morning at the NIMH suicide conference and it was one of the most beautiful, raw speeches I have ever witnessed. You were so vulnerable and open and articulate. Your story has inspired me to do everything I can as a doctor to screen for suicide/mental health concerns/and involve the whole family in my work. I thought your comment about connectedness, and the lack of it in our current age of social media and technological advances was brilliant….

Jaimie S., Research Assistant, National Institute of Mental Health 

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2EndTheStigma Night for Scott
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Many teens left your class ready to open up about the issues they were facing with the other adult teen/youth workers at the YMCA Leader’s Club Regional rally. Your class was a bridge that encouraged teens and some of the attending parents to have those difficult conversations about self-love, authenticity, depression, grief and teen suicide. One teen in particular, who identifies as transgender, expressed how your class helped him accept who he is becoming. He also shared he once thought about dying by suicide and was ashamed but after hearing that others were facing the same issues helped him realize he was not alone.

Janice Hughes, Associate Director of Teens at YMCA of Greater Richmond

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