Anne Moss Rogers with Michelle Chalfant on The Adult Chair Podcast

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In The Adult Chair, Michelle Chalfant applies her holistic approach to healing and transformation as a foundation for better understanding our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with stress, anxiety, depression, physical health, self-love, peace, emotional balance, and how our understanding of ourselves impacts the most important relationships in our lives.

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This highlights how I survived and healed after my son’s death by suicide, how I overcame the questions and guilt that come when someone close dies by suicide, and my work as a mental health and suicide prevention speaker, reaching others who are hurting and educating people on the signs of suicide. 

“Our love isn’t what prevents suicides.” – Anne Moss Rogers

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“They don’t leave because they don’t love you…they leave because they are in pain or a place of deep despair.” – Anne Moss Rogers

“It is really hard for a lot of humans to walk in and sit with someone in their tragedy.” – Anne Moss Rogers

“Time removed [grief’s] fangs.” – Anne Moss Rogers

“You cannot push the pain away. You have to go straight into it to heal it.” – Michelle Chalfant

“I’d rather somebody be mad at me than dead.” – Anne Moss Rogers

“Your job is to listen with empathy…allowing another person to feel heard is the absolute greatest gift you can give to another human.” – Anne Moss Rogers

“86% of those who thought about suicide let their intentions be known in some way.”  – Anne Moss Rogers