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Looking for mental health and suicide prevention speakers? AnneMoss Rogers from Richmond, Virginia

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AnneMoss speaks on topics related to suicide prevention, mental health, addiction, overcoming, stigma, coping strategies and resilience, as well as grief. She captures hearts and fills them with hope.

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Focus: Below is a Webinar with PowerPoint about addiction and mental health.
Audience: Parents and teachers concerned with substance misuse. This topic can be tailored to focus on the needs of different audiences such as grief and suicide prevention.

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Focus: Below is an Interview Style Conversation on grief and loss by suicide.
Audience: Those who work with people who are at risk of suicide, those who work with the bereaved by suicide, and those who have lost someone to suicide or drug-related death.

Video testimonial from a leader in suicide prevention and research
and a frequent co-presenter with Anne Moss.

Most Requested Topics

Turning Pain into Purpose

Inspiring emotionally naked stories of saving lives by sharing and connecting with others. Stories of hope and healing, and Anne Moss’s evolution of finding purpose after loss. Themes include: Grief, suicide, addiction, mental illness, healing, coping and hope.
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Emotionally Naked Truth About Suicide

Signs of suicide in youth and what to do. Small shifts that create an environment of student wellness, resilience, how to build connection and coping skills into the school culture. Themes: Mental illness, suicide, grief, coping strategies
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Diary of a Broken Mind + Workshop

A mother’s story, a son’s addiction and suicide. The emotionally naked story of Charles and how Anne Moss coped with this devastating loss. This presentation includes an interactive coping skills workshop. For colleges/high schools. Program can emphasize substance misuse message. Program Flyer

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Pdf: Speaking of Suicide- How to talk to families who’ve lost someone to suicide.
This can be presented to bereavement providers, clergy, funeral directors, community members.

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Diary of a Broken Mind: A Mother’s Story, A Son’s Suicide, And The Haunting Lyrics He Left Behind

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