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lisa horowitz

“Anne Moss Rogers is probably the most resilient person I know. She has managed to turn grief into action and she is a suicide prevention champion…. I have been to the Pediatric Academic Society conference for two decades and I have never seen any [other] speaker receive a standing ovation. She was powerful, she was moving.” (See video testimonial above)

“Many teens left your class ready to open up about the issues they were facing with the other adult teen/youth workers at the YMCA Leader’s Club Regional rally. Your class was a bridge that encouraged teens and some of the attending parents to have those difficult conversations about self-love, authenticity, depression, grief and teen suicide. One teen in particular, who identifies as transgender, expressed how your class helped him accept who he is becoming. He also shared he once thought about dying by suicide and was ashamed but after hearing that others were facing the same issues helped him realize he was not alone.”

“Anne Moss educates through her powerful personal story of loss that serves as a wake-up call to the audience. Despite the heavy subject matter of the topic, I do not find her presentation dark and dismal, but surprisingly inspiring and full of hope.”

“It was awesome to hear someone come and just be real about everything. You are totally my favorite and most relatable speaker so far! I did really appreciate you coming. You are amazing!”

“Anne Moss was a pleasure to work with throughout the planning of our event. Since the first interaction, she wanted to know our expectations and audience so she would know how to adequately adjust her presentation. We loved her message and she exceeded our company’s vision for our event. Highly recommend Anne Moss; moving story, amazing presentation.”

“I want to say thank you dearly for sharing how you changed one of the worst events in your life to a turning point in your life. The story of your son, Charles’ drug addiction and anxiety and addiction has inspired me to speak up if I do need any help and has encouraged me to reach out to anyone who has been experience anything similar. Your courage inspires me.”

Sheriff Karl Leonard HARP program

“Thank you so much for your visit to our jail and specifically the members of our Heroin Addiction Recovery Program (HARP). The education and awareness you brought to the often ignored topic of suicide was priceless and I know changed lives in that room….Beyond that, the hope and inspiration you left them with will carry on in more ways than education, you will save lives! Emotionally Naked is a Godsend and a life saver.”

“We received such amazing feedback from your presentation and the students gained such important knowledge and information that may help them when they are in the field and on the front lines working with individuals suffering from depression and addiction. Your story and experience provides a perspective that cannot be taught in a textbook.”

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About Anne Moss

Anne Moss is her first name. It’s a southern thing. She is an author and Emotionally Naked® motivational speaker who helps people foster a culture of connection to prevent suicide.

Despite the family’s best efforts, her 20-year-old son Charles died by suicide June 5, 2015 after many years of struggle with anxiety, depression, and ultimately addiction. Anne Moss started a blog,, and chronicled her family’s tragedy in a newspaper article that went viral.

After receiving a message from a young lady who wrote that one of her blog posts saved her life, Anne Moss sold her digital marketing business and followed her purpose of preventing suicide.

She has written a book, due out in October 2019, has been featured in the New York Times, and was the first suicide loss survivor ever invited to speak at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

Originally from North Carolina, she graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband, Randy. They raised two sons, the late Charles Aubrey, 20, and Richard, 26, a filmmaker living his dream in LA. Charles’ dog, Andy is 13 and barks at babies in strollers as they walk by the front of the house.

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